Our Story

Eddie's Goat Milk Goods started out of a need.  A need to solve Eddie's skin problems.  I guess you could say we fell into the business.  Eddie has eczema and very dry skin.  The lotions we bought in the stores did not help, we did some research and found that goat milk is very moisturizing.  But not just any goat milk, Nigerian Dwarf goat milk, and wouldn't you know we have a herd of these goats!  Coincidence?  We think not!  We formulated a recipe that we liked and within days Eddie's skin was back to it's soft youthful glow- Eddie was 15 years old then.  We gave it out to family and friends, they loved it!  They encouraged us to start selling it and the rest is history.  The business has grown so much that it has encompassed our whole family.  We now sell in natural food coops and stores, and also at farmers markets. 



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